• zucate-specific-feedback

    Specific Feedback for Individual Students & Parents

    Document progress for a defined time span
  • zucate-personalised-learning

    Personalized Learning and Support Planning

    Identify specific learning areas for improved learning outcomes

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Subject-wise Reports

Strengths and weaknesses for each subject topic-wise

Identify your strengths, needs, skills and interests

Determine a learning plan based on what you know and where you need to improve

Progress Report

Regular monitoring of progress

Create baseline goals at the beginning when you begin any topic

Track daily, weekly and monthly; check the progress and take corrective action

Comparative Report

Competition with yourself only

Comparative analysis of every topic over a period of time to identify strengths, weaknesses and improvement

Personalized learning path designed specifically for you to change every weakness into strength

Feedback Mechanism

Effective feedback for better learning

Timely, educative and specific feedback for individual topics to keep you on "Target"

Help improve current and future performance for every topic, chapter and subject for achieving the set goals


Personalized Learning


Performance Measurement


Adaptive Learning



AI Powered Analytics


3 Way Feedback


Real Time Performance Tracking