Role of Digital Learning in Student's Success

A lot of parents today face difficulty in finding tuition for their kids, with main reason being the changing scenario of education ecosystem. It is really important today that parents, teachers, as well as students adapt to digital learning to aid improvement in student's performance.

Digital learning has four important pillars that need to be followed to facilitate flawless learning experience.

Think - Digital learning builds key cognitive strategies such as solution interpretation and problem solving skills.

Know - It helps build knowledge structure in core subjects which, eventually will become one of the career options of the student in the future.

Act - It develops key learning skills such as time management, note taking, memorizing, strategic reading and peer learning.

Go - Awareness of aspirations, knowledge, opportunities open a whole new world of options to choose from when deciding upon core subjects.

With the advent of digital learning, students have the authority over their studying pattern. They can control the subject and chapter they want to study. They have complete control over time and pace of content delivery and they can also control the learning path that they wish to adapt.

21st century students require development of skills specifically enhancing accountability, collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, ethics, global awareness, innovation, leadership, problem solving, productivity and self-direction. Digital learning has opened arenas wherein students have global exposure and can explore opportunities in the foreign land.

Digital learning that promotes cognitive learning is a must for today’s generation of students. It helps to create a dent in future in the following ways:

  • Personalization - The power to control the content and pace empowers students to engage more efficiently with their studies. Assessments based on the students’ past performance and artificial intelligence powered feedback and reporting creates success stories of students.
  • Motivation - Self study through digital learning creates a sustained motivational effect for exam periods. It helps reduce student dropouts and creates a continuous learning pattern. Students also develop positive feelings of accomplishment when they master new knowledge and skills using digital learning support.
  • Persistence - Regular interaction with digital learning per day increases students' perseverance and persistence in studies. One on one teaching through digital learning ensures students get personal attention as and when they are stuck.
  • Access - Digital Learning provides 24*7 access to quality content wherein students can study anytime from anywhere and get their doubts solved. It is also responsible for widening access to a range of opportunities for all students, especially in small schools and rural regions. It is a boon for students with health issues.
  • Acceleration - Pace control helps in achieving the desired targets and keeps the student in alignment with their study goals. Blended learning is a key driver that accelerates student performance through onsite and online learning.
  • Efficiency - Real Time response correction and instant doubt solving has made digital learning a smart choice across the globe. Today’s generation is fast and hence expect immediate results. Digital learning empowers students to track their progress on the go and study everyday with sustained efforts hence providing rich learning experiences.

Next generation education technology platform like Zucate keeps these digital learning characteristics in mind while designing content, test and doubt solving support for school students to let students decide their own study path and achieve their desired study goals. We know that digital learning can contribute to deeper learning by increasing student's success factors such as engagement, motivation and persistence. By helping students think outside their typical learning comfort level, digital learning inspires creativity and lets students feel a sense of accomplishment that encourages further learning.

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